Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guest Speaker: Dr. David Begun

The UWO Anthro Society is welcoming Dr. David Begun from the University of Toronto on Thursday, January 28th at 5:30 PM in SSC 2257. Dr. Begun, a paleoanthropologist specializing in hominoid evolution, will be presenting his research on a Eurasian origin of the African ape lineage in his lecture "Darwin's Other Idea: Dryopithecus and the African ape and human clade."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Anthropology Mentoring Program

Back by popular demand, the Anthropology Society is resurrecting an initiative from a couple years back, of a mentoring program between graduate students and undergrads.

Graduate students are available to talk about grad school, grant applications, and essentially anything anthropology related. If you have an additional questions, please feel free to contact Ashley Patterson, the graduate representative who is running the program.

There are simply two simple steps to sign up for the program:

1 - Fill out the questionnaire about your area of interest in anthropology (this will help us to set you up with an appropriate mentor). You can access the form on google docs here. Simply save and edit it.
2 - Email your form to Ashley (apatter6@uwo.ca).

The program should be up an running soon, so don't miss out!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Anthro Pub Night and General Meeting

Just a special announcement that this week we will have our first general meeting of second term, followed by a pub night. We encourage you to all come out to the general meeting to learn more about running for an exec position next year, as well as to help us plan a trip to a secret destination for the Anthro Society! (More details will be revealed at the meeting).


Thursday, January 14th
General Meeting: 5:30 pm SSC 2257
Pub: 6pm Grad Club

Do not forget, that as always, there is FREE FOOD for society members at the pub!

Coconut Jewelry Still Available!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the booth before the holidays and purchased some coconut jewelry in support of two great causes. However, there are some earring still available. Check out the photos if you are interested. Remaining jewelry is $10 each.

Also a special thanks to graduate representative Ashley Patterson for the creative display!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Coconut Jewelry Sales

Just a quick announcement about a unique gift opportunity just in time for the holidays!

The Anthropology Society will be selling coconut jewelry purchased on a recent departmental trip to Madagascar this Monday to Wednesday. The jewelry was handcrafted by L'artisant de L'ankarna. Items range from bracelets, to earrings, etc, and would be the perfect present for your mom/sister/girlfriend come holiday gift exchange.

Half of the proceeds will be sent back to the artisans in Madagascar, and the other half will be donated to the Anthropology Society's charity Habitat for Humanity: London.

Details on where and when you can check out the items are as follows:

When: Monday December 7th - Wednesday December 9th, (almost all day)
Where: Booth on 2nd floor SSC (right by the entrance, just before the stairs)
Price: ~10 dollars for a set of earrings, a bracelet, etc

So stop by on your way to class and get a unique gift, support artisans in Madagasgar, AND donate to a local charity all in one stop!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Anthro Pub Night!

The term is soon drawing to an end, and the Anthropology Society has one final event of the term in store for you! Come out and relieve some end-of-term stress.

Who: Us, obviously.
What: Anthro pub night!
Where: The Grad Club (Basement of Middlesex College)
When: 6pm, Wednesday November 25th!
Why: Because there is FREE FOOD if you are a member.

Also, at the event we will be selling handcrafted coconut jewelry from Madagascar (rough price ~10), photos of these should be up on the website soon!

Monday, October 26, 2009


The Anthropology Society is pleased to announce our first guest lecturer for the year, and invites you to come out and join us!

Our guest speaker will be Dr. Les Field, of the University of New Mexico. He is a well-respected sociocultural anthropologist who will be speaking on his foray into collaborative ethnography, entitled "In the Time of the Blue Thread."

The presentation will begin promptly at 4:30 pm in SSC 2257, with reception to follow at the Grad Club (around 5:45).

We are thrilled that Dr. Field will be presenting on Thursday, and we encourage all anthropology students (especially those concentrating in sociocultural anthropology!) to come out. If you would like to read up on Dr. Field's selected publications, feel free to visit his faculty profile on the University of New Mexico's website here.

See you Thursday!